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These appointments are reserved for Feedback via Email.

All writers benefit from invested readers who provide feedback, ask questions, serve as sounding boards, and offer motivation and encouragement throughout the writing process. The KU Writing Center provides individual consultations with trained peer consultants who will coach and guide you as you write. You can make appointments for consultations at any stage of the writing process--when you haven't yet started writing, are trying to polish a final draft, or are somewhere in between. We ask that you make the suggested revisions before scheduling another appointment time. We do not not offer line-by-line corrections. Consultants are educators, not editors.

Repeat Appointments: We want to support you as a writer, and many other KU students are just like you. If you have an ongoing project you're working on, we suggest that you make future appointments with the same consultant after you have discussed your project and made revisions. You may make appointments ten days in advance. Keep in mind that others also need appointments.

No Attached File: Your document must be attached to the appointment before it is scheduled to begin. If it is not attached at the start time, the appointment will be considered missed.

Waiting List: You can be notified of an opening in the schedule by clicking on the clock icon next to the date and signing up for the waiting list.

For feedback via email:

  1. After you select and save your appointment, a window will open, asking if you want to upload a document. Upload your draft here as a Word Document (.doc, .docx).
  2. Provide as much information about your project as possible, since that will help your consultant provide more targeted and useful feedback. You can upload any additional documents you may want to include to the appointment form, such as an assignment sheet.
  3. If you need to upload a document after you schedule your appointment: return to the eTutoring Appointments schedule, click on the small yellow folder icon under "Welcome, [your name]," and select your appointment. Upload your paper (and any additional documents), and click "upload file."
  4. Your document must be attached to the appointment before it is scheduled to begin. If it is not attached at the start time, the appointment will be considered missed.
  5. Shortly after your eTutoring appointment time ends, you will receive an email notifying you that a consultant has responded to your paper. 
  6. After you receive that email, log back into this appointment system and open your appointment. Your feedback will be attached to your appointment for you to download.

Additional information is available here.

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We have a variety of locations and services, including undergrad appointments, graduate appointments, online consultations, and Edwards Campus appointments. 

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